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14: Piotr Szotkowski

Show Notes Rebased Warsaw Ruby Users Group CiviCRM They Hear Me Typin’, They Hatin’ Cherry MX Switches Explained Mechanical Keyboards on Reddit Das Keyboard with blank keycaps Cherry MX Switch Teseter Planck Keyboard Fujifilm Mirrorless Tesla Model 3 Interior Leica M System Moiré pattern Fujifilm X-Trans sensor Foveon X3 sensor Rolling shutter 1/125 NewsBlur Recommendations The art of destroying software Professor Elemental Last Chance to See Why Are Computers Langsam gesprochene Nachrichten Piotr Szotkowski Twitter Personal Page Parallel Passion Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook Credits Tina Tavčar for the logo Jan Jenko for the music Support Parallel Passion