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35: Rodoljub Petrović

Rodoljub is head of Software at Turtl. He has spent the last two decades developing software and software development teams. He is a husband and a father, as well as a failed basketball player. Show Notes Turtl Rod's iPhone Twitter's Facebookisation storm Tweetbot Deliberate Practice and Performance in Music, Games, Sports, Education, and Professions: A Meta-Analysis articles by Rod 1Password password manager This Video Will Make You Angry This Too Shall Pass Recommendations Serbia national basketball team Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams The Bridge on the Drina Rodoljub Petrović Twitter Personal Page Parallel Passion Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook Credits Markus Spiske for the header photo Tina Tavčar for Parallel Passion logo Jan Jenko for intro/outro music Support Parallel Passion