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37: Steph Smith

Steph has been working remotely for over three years, as a growth marketer, writer, and indie maker. She’s a big advocate for remote work and actively writes about it over at her blog, which has been read by over 350.000 people since launch earlier this year. She is also a self-taught developer and has built multiple projects, some of which have gone to #1 on Product Hunt, won awards for inclusion, and led her to be nominated for Maker of the Year in 2018. Show Notes Remote Year The Web Developer Bootcamp nomad(hubb) Women Make Make Yourself Great Again World Happiness Report 2019 Correlation between activities and general happiness Digital Minimalism Why We Sleep Eunoia FeMake Lightroom The Four Tendencies Recommendations Give and Take Steve Jobs' Vision of the World Man's Search for Meaning Steph Smith Twitter Instagram Unsplash Steph's Blog Personal Page Parallel Passion Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook Credits Cam DiCecca for the header photo Tina Tavčar for Parallel Passion logo Jan Jenko for intro/outro music Support Parallel Passion