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39: Molly Struve

Molly Struve is a Lead Site Reliability Engineer. During her time working in the software industry, she has had the opportunity to work on some challenging problems. When not making systems run faster, she can be found fulfilling her need for speed by riding and jumping her show horses. Show Notes Molly's Tweet Elasticsearch 5 or and Bust @ RubyConf 2019 Amy Cuddy: Your body language may shape who you are (Power Posing) Lead Dev New York Show Jumping Ian Millar Lipizzan Horse Pembroke Corgi Cardigan Corgi SpaceX For All Mankind Falcon Heavy simultaneous landing YES! You Should Be A Mentor! Acronyms Seriously Suck Advice on Applying for a Job Recommendations Mother MIT Horses Molly Struve Twitter Personal Page Parallel Passion Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook Credits Gene Devine for the header photo Tina Tavčar for Parallel Passion logo Jan Jenko for intro/outro music Support Parallel Passion