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40: Tobias Pfeiffer

Tobi is a developer, leader, benchmarker, Rubyist, Elixir fan, learner, teacher and agile crafter by passion. He loves collaboratively creating just about anything people enjoy - be it the Ruby User Group Berlin, SimpleCov, benchee, or other projects while thinking about new ideas to push boundaries. Currently he's helping companies onboard onto Elixir and creating wonderful web applications in his journey as a freelancer. Show Notes Ruby User Group Berlin rubycorns SimpleCov benchee shopify pivorak Aaron Cruz Shoes 4 why the lucky stiff wroclove.rb Arne Brasseur Steve Klabnik AlphaGo 2 hard problems tweet Theory X and Theory Y Piotr Szotkowski code curious Ruby Monstas metasploit The Agile Samurai Rework A Guide to the Good Life Tao Teh King The Art Of War The Manual: A Philosopher's Guide to Life RSA Animate: Drive Punished by Rewards Recommendations Sophie's World All Quiet on the Western Front: A Novel Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us Tobias Pfeiffer Twitter Personal Page Parallel Passion Patreon Twitter Instagram Facebook Credits Headway for the header photo Tina Tavčar for Parallel Passion logo Jan Jenko for intro/outro music Support Parallel Passion